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A report will tell you the estimated probability above the Action Level.

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Find out the yearly average radon level for a property and if it is above or below the Action Level.

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Radon Group are operating services as normal, while complying with social distancing guidelines. This includes orders and returns for radon measurements. If you have radon detectors that are due for return and are able to return them safely, please continue to do so. Alternatively, radon detectors record reliably for up to 12 months, so please keep them in position until you are able to safely send them back to us.

Three steps to manage radon in buildings - check, measure, act

Every building has radon and in most areas the levels are low. Some buildings in "radon Affected Areas" have higher levels. Buildings in these areas should be tested for radon. High levels can be reduced by simple building works. There are three simple steps you can follow: