An address search will tell you the estimated probability that an address is above the Action Level for radon. Here is a sample report.

What you need to know

  • This service currently costs £3.90 including vat.

  • The report is available instantly as a PDF to print or save.

  • This is an ONLINE ONLY service and your email address MUST BE SUPPLIED.

  • An address search is suitable for any home or small workplace under 25 metres in length.

  • If any occupied room is below ground, we recommend you carry out a radon test regardless of the radon Affected Area status as all basement and cellar areas are considered to be at additional risk from high radon levels.

  • If this site is for redevelopment, you should undertake a GeoReport provided by the British Geological Survey.

  • The report will tell you the risk of the chosen address having a high level of radon. NOT the level of radon at that address.

  • This information provides an answer to one of the standard legal enquiries on house purchase in England and Wales, known as CON29 Standard Enquiry of Local Authority; 3.13 Radon Gas: Location of the Property in a Radon Affected Area.

  • The only way to find out whether a property is above or below the Action Level is to carry out a radon measurement.

  • This report is not suitable for buildings over 25 metres in length. In this instance, contact the British Geological Survey (BGS).

  • If you will use this website on a regular basis, register here and you can pre-pay for between 10 and 500 credits.

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