You may have responsibilities for the health and safety of people in a large number of buildings, either as a landlord or employer. Checking each address individually is time consuming.

We offer a search service for large property portfolios. This is based on the postcode rather than the individual address. The search provides the maximum radon potential for any property having the postcode. It is therefore an indicative 'worst case' search, not one specific to the full address. However, it allows us to search a greater number of properties at a reasonable cost and is more specific than using the Indicative Atlas. Alternatively, you can licence the full dataset through our partner the Geological Survey (BGS).

To use this service you must be supply us with a spreadsheet containing the postcodes of your addresses in a separate column. The outcome of the search is added to your spreadsheet.

Please note that postcodes matching with the Ordnance Survey AddressBase® data file used by us for the search will be deemed to be correct for any full address supplied. However, if complete addresses are provided, we will attempt to locate a valid postcode if the one given is not in the current AddressBase® file.

The spreadsheet report is returned to you by email together with a summary document. A sample summary:

The cost of this service is £134.56 plus £0.26 per property line in the spreadsheet (prices ex VAT). For example, to check a portfolio of 350 properties, the fee will be:

350 x £0.26 = £ 91.00
Fixed search fee = £ 134.56
Total ex-VAT = £ 225.56
Plus VAT = £ 45.11
Total Including VAT = £ 270.67

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