During the house buying and selling process, conveyance documents are used to ask questions about radon gas:

  • CON 29 form (Local Authority Search)
  • Property Information Form TA6 (Conveyance form used by a Solicitor)

CON 29 form (Local Authority search)

A solicitor or licensed conveyancer acts on behalf of the property buyer or tenant to liaise with the Local Authority, who are responsible for carrying out a Local Authority Search by using the CON 29 document.

This search identifies whether the property is in a radon Affected Area. The wording used varies between local authorities. Typical answers for a property in a Radon affected area are:

'Records indicate that the property is located within 25 metres from the centre of a search in a radon Affected Area'


'Records indicate that the property is an a 'radon affected area' as identified by Public Health England'

Property Information Form TA6 (England and Wales)

Form TA6 is designed for completion by the seller to disclose information about the property which will be of interest to a buyer before entering a contract. The form provides a valuable source of information about radon:

Note: Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found in the ground. Some parts of England and Wales are more adversely affected by it than others. Remedial action is advised for properties with a test result above the 'recommended action level'.

7.4 Has a radon test been carried out on the property? If Yes
(a) please supply a copy of the report
(b) was the test result below the 'recommended action level'?

7.5 Were any remedial measures undertaken on construction to reduce radon gas levels in the property?

Further information on the TA6 form

Remedial action is advised for properties with a test result above the 'recommended action level' or contact us for more information.