When extensions are made to existing buildings in high radon areas, or new buildings are constructed in these areas, the Building Regulations require that protective measures are taken against radon entering the building.

The Radon Risk Report available from this website provides information on whether existing properties are in areas where radon protective measures are required. The requirement for radon protective measures for building sites in Great Britain is available through the British Geological Survey GeoReports service.

Depending on the probability of buildings having high radon levels, the Regulations may require either:

  1. No protective measures
  2. Basic protective measures
  3. Full protective measures

More details of the protective measures required are available from the Building Research Establishment website.

The indicative maps showing where protective measures may be required in new buildings and extensions, conversions and refurbishments in existing buildings are available on the Building Research Establishment website : www.bre.co.uk/radon